Shopping Cart Hero - game of your dream

Shopping time is always fun but more so for those who get to drive the shopping cart up and down the supermarket isle. This is the exhilarating experience Shopping Cart Hero brings to all game lovers with an additional touch of extreme actions capability. Remember how your parents would never let you hop on to a shopping cart racing downwards and enjoy a quick ride?

Shopping Cart Hero Well, this game allows you to do that by controlling a stick figure representing you on screen. The game is simply all about pushing the shopping cart like a hero without toppling over obstacles.

How is Shopping Cart Hero played? Simply control the stick figure on screen with the arrow keys on the keyboard to push the cart past as many obstacles as possible without letting it topple. The down arrow key acts as the control for running, the top arrow allows jumping into the cart and the right and left arrows allow for control of the cart as it races fast downhill. The score is given based on the amount of distance covered, the height and tricks applied.

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