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Shopping Cart Hero – game of your dream

Shopping Cart Hero - game of your dream

Shopping time is always fun but more so for those who get to drive the shopping cart up and down the supermarket aisle. This is the exhilarating experience Shopping Cart Hero brings to all game lovers with an additional touch of extreme actions capability. Remember how your parents would never let you hop onto a shopping cart racing downwards and enjoy a quick ride?

Shopping Cart Hero Well, this game allows you to do that by controlling a stick figure representing you on screen. The game is simply all about pushing the shopping cart like a hero without toppling over obstacles.

Another funny game blob opera you can play at for free.

How is Shopping Cart Hero played? Simply control the stick figure on the screen with the arrow keys on the keyboard to push the cart past as many obstacles as possible without letting it topple. The down arrow key acts as the control for running, the top arrow allows jumping into the cart, and the right and left arrows allow for control of the cart as it races fast downhill. The score is given based on the amount of distance covered, the height, and the tricks applied.

P.S. Also I wanted to share with you the latest quiz game called – Impossible Quiz series, all versions of the game can be found on the link which I have provided. Not only this is an interesting quiz game with a lot of questions, but it is also funny and hilarious due to the funny questions provided in the game, enjoy 😉

Impossible Quiz 4 – The mother of all quiz games

The most addicting game is back with a bang. It’s instant engaging questions, captivates and irritates players at the same time. Impossible Quiz 4 by “Not Doppler” is here…..a super popular Flash game, so there are no headaches for system requirements or graphics. Any computer with flash installed will run it smoothly. Already, Impossible Quiz 4 has carved out a niche for itself, in humorous quiz content. It will torture and humiliate your brain and then laugh at it…..and you will still love every moment of it. The funniest test invented till date, it should be on the bucket list of everyone who seeks new, creative and simple games.


Instructions :
Impossible Quiz 4, being a Flash game, the game-play is quite simple. All you need is a mouse that clicks smoothly and a mind that is clear (Though the game will jam it up for you). You will have to answer a series of questions at a row one after another.You will have 5 lives, unlike the previous version where you had only 3. Each wrong answer takes away one life and after you finish up 5 lives, you have to wait for 10 minutes to start playing again.

Controls :
The subtle beauty of this game is its simplicity. You would need a mouse and some pretty good reflexes. Also, your sense of humor has to be a little sharp. The controls are basic. You can skip the question by pressing tab, and you have to click on the right answer from 4 options. Sometimes you have to do weird things like pet a cat with your mouse, you click fast to avoid a time bomb explode or just escape meteors.

impossible quiz 4

What to expect :
Honestly, Impossible Quiz 4 is so unexpected and crazy it better to keep your expectations away and start playing it straight away. But, do expect some creepy stuff, some serious comedy and lots of fun. The game is fiercely addicting and a sagely advice would be to stay away from a wall or you might want to smash your head into it, just like in pacman unblocked. It’s the feeling of deep inner satisfaction that players are addicted to when they finally get an answer right. Be warned, that this is not a conventional quiz based on knowledge. In fact, knowledge can screw you up. Follow basic intuitions and logic and you have a great time playing Impossible Quiz 4.

Be ready to change your perspective about quizzes, because Impossible Quiz 4.fever is in town and there is no cure to be found.

Apple Shooter – Game does what any archers wants to do

A nice casual shooter game, and I don’t know what is it about simple games that makes them so addictive and get you stuck for hours, Apple Shooter is a very entertaining flash game and it is cool to kill some time, but there are huge possibilities that you will play more than a little while.

Apple Shooter – Game does what any archers wants to doThe objective of the unblocked Apple Shooter is to aim with the arrow to the apple on top of the head of your partner, like in the old-fashion circus shows, and as the game progresses and you reach higher levels, the difficulty is increased progressively by getting further from the target.

In the first level the distance is 20 feet, then in the second 25 feet, in the level 3 is 30 feet and so on as you go forward in the game. You step back in the game when you shoot your partner, so watch out and don’t mess up your progress by killing your little friend.

Controls and In Game Tools.

In order to show your skills of throwing an arrow to an apple on top of your buddy’s head, and not leaving a single scratch on him, you will use your mouse to tight the arch and with the mouse you will also access the in game tools that will help you to be a pro apple shooter.

On the upper left corner of the screen you will see a gauge that will allow you to calculate more precisely the angle and height the arrow will fly, and on top of it there is a bar that measures how powerful the shot will be, and of course, the fuller the bar is, the more powerful the show will be, it’s a matter of coordination between both you get a good shot, also a good tip is as you get further from the target you get higher angles, so you don’t kill your friend and make it to the High Scores Chart and be one of the best Apple Shooters across the Internet.

Hacked Apple Shooter.

If you want to take a short cut to reach the High Score Chart, or simply higher levels. There are some cheats and hacks that can help you with it:

  • Code “pointer”: this code draws a line that shows you the exact path the arrow will take and its final location.
  • Code “onetoomany”: this shoots an invisible arrow.
  • Hack: if you fail to hit the apple and hit your partner instead, the game doesn’t have to start all over again, just press number 1 key.