Day 29 - Penguins Can Fly!Everyone loves penguins, yet, despite them being birds, they cannot fly. But have you ever wanted to chuck a penguin high into the air and force it to fly? Well, I have and you can by playing Learn to Fly 2 – NEW VERSION, Learn To Fly is an oddly satisfying and enjoyable game where you slide a penguin off of an iceberg and teach it to fly via the use of incredible keyboard skills.

Later in the game, things get rather crazy. By crazy I mean rockets and hang gliders crazy. There are different tiers of these ‘power ups’ that miraculously do not instantly kill Mr.Penguin. You start off with rusty old barely functioning gear like a cloth glider with holes in it and a rocket that is pretty much deprived of any care or fuel. As you progress though you have the option to upgrade to a propelled wing-suit that is fully state of the art, top-notch technology that somehow fell into the hands of a penguin. You also get rocket boosters that look like Inter-Continental nuclear missiles and for some reason was entrusted to a penguin, and for some other bizarre reason, the penguin is happy to go along with this.

What is really intriguing about this game is its intro and backstory. At one point in time when penguins live in houses and use computers, this daring penguin decides to break the laws of nature and become the first penguin with the ability to fly after becoming enraged after reading on Wikipedia rip-off Kiwipedia that penguins are flightless birds.

Learn To Fly throws you straight into the middle of the conflict between a determined penguin and himself, whilst he struggles to prove the world wrong and prove himself right that penguins are the most awesome birds being able to fly and be fully aquatic at the same time.

The objective of the game is to slide off of an iceberg and bounce off of the water to get the furthest distance. The further you go the more money you receive to buy awesome power-ups and unlock new stages. When the penguin slides off of the iceberg you have to control his angle with the arrow keys and make sure he lands on his belly, allowing him to bounce and go even further, to earn more money, and so forth. When you run out of momentum just hit the space bar and indulge in extreme rocket-boosting action!