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Tank Trouble 3

Introduction to Tank Trouble 3
If you are an action game lover, then you must give it a try to tank trouble 3. The game is an extension to the Tank Trouble. The game is simply amazing for all ages and every kind of gamer love this action-packed shooting game. Each and every level of this game is creative and interesting. The excitement is geared up when you face the large explosions and force tanks.

Instructions of the game
The third version of the game is better in terms of leader-board features and animation. It is a fun and relaxing game and you do not need to be worried about deadlines or any kind of other restrictions. The theme of the game is to destroy the evil powers. The evil powers are trying to kill the innocents by sending their force tanks and you need to be alert to destroy all these evil power tanks. The best feature is that the game world is continuously changing and as a result, the gamers do face a number of insane challenges. It is very exciting to face all the outstanding challenging tasks and the gamers just fall in love with this game.

In order to win this game; the gamers need to be attentive and alert all the time. The more enemy tanks you are destroying the more points you will get and you will also get energy trucks. These energy trucks will help you to fight with the opposite force tanks. The game is composed of 40 levels and you have 5 modes of difficulty. Three players can enjoy this game simultaneously. Levels are randomly generated so every time you will face something new and exciting.

Controls of the game
The controls of this game are very simple and easy to memorize. You will get some extraordinary and unique experiences throughout your play. You simply need to make use of the arrow keys on the keyboard for navigating your tank in the game world. When you have to shoot the projectiles in direction of the enemy tanks then you have to press M but you need to face your tank in the direction of enemy tanks. The game is very simple to play and you do not need to know a wide range of controls. It is all about your alertness in the game world.

So, get ready and try your battling skills by giving a try to this ultimate battling game.

Shopping Cart Hero – game of your dream

Shopping Cart Hero - game of your dream

Shopping time is always fun but more so for those who get to drive the shopping cart up and down the supermarket aisle. This is the exhilarating experience Shopping Cart Hero brings to all game lovers with an additional touch of extreme actions capability. Remember how your parents would never let you hop onto a shopping cart racing downwards and enjoy a quick ride?

Shopping Cart Hero Well, this game allows you to do that by controlling a stick figure representing you on screen. The game is simply all about pushing the shopping cart like a hero without toppling over obstacles.

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How is Shopping Cart Hero played? Simply control the stick figure on the screen with the arrow keys on the keyboard to push the cart past as many obstacles as possible without letting it topple. The down arrow key acts as the control for running, the top arrow allows jumping into the cart, and the right and left arrows allow for control of the cart as it races fast downhill. The score is given based on the amount of distance covered, the height, and the tricks applied.

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Super Smash Flash 2 game small instructions

Super Smash Flash 2 is a charming tribute to the popular Nintendo game, Super Smash Bros. Although it may be similar enough to be considered based on Smash Bros., it possesses its own unique style of the crossover brawler subgenre. It features an interface and gameplay similar to the aforementioned Nintendo title, and with its own charming 8-bit art style to boot. Coupled with the fluidity of modern animation techniques, the retro style of the game’s visuals is sure to make any retro gamer happy.

The Game
Controls are pretty similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, albeit a bit simplified: two attack buttons combined with the directional buttons to form more than a dozen kinds of attacks, for more details about the game and flash version as well click here. As with Super Smash Bros., the goal is to either knock out your opponent or to throw them out of the arena. For each opponent, there’s a variety of scenes and arenas to fight in. Each of these different arenas come from different games, anime, and other backgrounds, and each has their own theme, features, and surprises.
The Characters
As with any Smash Bros game, there are a plethora of characters from all walks of anime and gaming life to choose from and beat down your opponents with. A whole host of characters coming out of games and anime like Naruto, Sonic, Bleach, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy are all there. All of these characters have carried over all their skills and powers as seen in their games and anime, as is the premise of games of this type. All of the abilities of the heroes you choose are at your disposal to give a good beating to your enemies with maximum potential.

The Gamemodes
The game’s standard mode is solo play, in which you choose a character and go up against all of the other characters you didn’t choose, which is all well and good if you’re alright with playing with computer-controlled enemies. It’s a good thing that the game focuses a lot on online gameplay, with a healthy player base to keep things interesting. Of course, there’s always practice mode for those who still can’t get a hang of the controls, and target practice mode to keep your Kamehameha waves aligned and your Bankai slashes on point.
Super Smash Flash 2 excels in what the genre does best, and that’s beating up all of your favorite characters with another. There’s also an unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 for those who want to play it with cheats.


HAPPY WHEELS GAME REVIEWHappy Wheels Game is a graphics-based flash game which has just hit the Internet. The game offers a very interesting gameplay and it’s also quite addictive. Happy Wheels is only for the players who have a strong stomach though. You should expect to see lots of blood and guts in the skillfully designed game which combines physics and an extremely twisted sense of humor.

For the players who enjoyed gory games, you will love Happy Wheels game effects as the characters are pierced in spiked fences and blood sprays on the landscape. Another fascinating feature on the game is the level editor that enables the player to create a new terrain and also adjust the difficulty level

Game instructions

Similar with several other games, you’ll start by selecting a level and character. Demo of Happy Wheels has also prepared a morbid array of several characters. The game starts with 4 basic characters for the player to choose from. However, you can still unlock more characters as you progress with the game on the official site.

The first character is the rugged old man who rides a wheelchair. The 2nd character is a businessman who rides a private vehicle while the third guy rides a bicycle with a passenger at the backseat. The final character is a big woman who rides a scooter designed for the disabled. The characters perfectly complement the extremely dangerous levels that they will have to trek through later.

The main goal when playing Happy Wheels is going far across a given level without having to injure your character. Even the smallest body parts or even a drop of blood that’s lost shall result to a failed mission. In case you want to advance to the steeper paths, you have to press the space bar before trying to reach it again. Provided that you have the characters main torso, you can just continue playing this game even if its hands and feet have been torn off during a fall.


The primary control keys while using the keyboard are the 4 arrows, shift, Ctrl, space bar, and the alphabet “Z” It can be quite difficult to control your characters during the first tries since the controls feel a bit delayed or heavy to use.

Happy Wheels Unblocked is a very challenging game and you might find yourself on several failed attempts at a given road or level. Once you have injured your character, their body parts will fall off and blood will then drop slowly until you can’t go further. In order to complete missions, you should be patient and have a great deal of good timing.

Apple Shooter – Game does what any archers wants to do

A nice casual shooter game, and I don’t know what is it about simple games that makes them so addictive and get you stuck for hours, Apple Shooter is a very entertaining flash game and it is cool to kill some time, but there are huge possibilities that you will play more than a little while.

Apple Shooter – Game does what any archers wants to doThe objective of the unblocked Apple Shooter is to aim with the arrow to the apple on top of the head of your partner, like in the old-fashion circus shows, and as the game progresses and you reach higher levels, the difficulty is increased progressively by getting further from the target.

In the first level the distance is 20 feet, then in the second 25 feet, in the level 3 is 30 feet and so on as you go forward in the game. You step back in the game when you shoot your partner, so watch out and don’t mess up your progress by killing your little friend.

Controls and In Game Tools.

In order to show your skills of throwing an arrow to an apple on top of your buddy’s head, and not leaving a single scratch on him, you will use your mouse to tight the arch and with the mouse you will also access the in game tools that will help you to be a pro apple shooter.

On the upper left corner of the screen you will see a gauge that will allow you to calculate more precisely the angle and height the arrow will fly, and on top of it there is a bar that measures how powerful the shot will be, and of course, the fuller the bar is, the more powerful the show will be, it’s a matter of coordination between both you get a good shot, also a good tip is as you get further from the target you get higher angles, so you don’t kill your friend and make it to the High Scores Chart and be one of the best Apple Shooters across the Internet.

Hacked Apple Shooter.

If you want to take a short cut to reach the High Score Chart, or simply higher levels. There are some cheats and hacks that can help you with it:

  • Code “pointer”: this code draws a line that shows you the exact path the arrow will take and its final location.
  • Code “onetoomany”: this shoots an invisible arrow.
  • Hack: if you fail to hit the apple and hit your partner instead, the game doesn’t have to start all over again, just press number 1 key.