Apple Shooter – Game does what any archers wants to do

A nice casual shooter game, and I don’t know what is it about simple games that makes them so addictive and get you stuck for hours, Apple Shooter is a very entertaining flash game and it is cool to kill some time, but there are huge possibilities that you will play more than a little while.

Apple Shooter – Game does what any archers wants to doThe objective of the unblocked Apple Shooter is to aim with the arrow to the apple on top of the head of your partner, like in the old-fashion circus shows, and as the game progresses and you reach higher levels, the difficulty is increased progressively by getting further from the target.

In the first level the distance is 20 feet, then in the second 25 feet, in the level 3 is 30 feet and so on as you go forward in the game. You step back in the game when you shoot your partner, so watch out and don’t mess up your progress by killing your little friend.

Controls and In Game Tools.

In order to show your skills of throwing an arrow to an apple on top of your buddy’s head, and not leaving a single scratch on him, you will use your mouse to tight the arch and with the mouse you will also access the in game tools that will help you to be a pro apple shooter.

On the upper left corner of the screen you will see a gauge that will allow you to calculate more precisely the angle and height the arrow will fly, and on top of it there is a bar that measures how powerful the shot will be, and of course, the fuller the bar is, the more powerful the show will be, it’s a matter of coordination between both you get a good shot, also a good tip is as you get further from the target you get higher angles, so you don’t kill your friend and make it to the High Scores Chart and be one of the best Apple Shooters across the Internet.

Hacked Apple Shooter.

If you want to take a short cut to reach the High Score Chart, or simply higher levels. There are some cheats and hacks that can help you with it:

  • Code “pointer”: this code draws a line that shows you the exact path the arrow will take and its final location.
  • Code “onetoomany”: this shoots an invisible arrow.
  • Hack: if you fail to hit the apple and hit your partner instead, the game doesn’t have to start all over again, just press number 1 key.


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