Tank trouble 3 – Beat your friends while entertaining

Tank trouble 3 - Beat your friends while entertainingIf you have a little sibling or a friend and you just don’t know what multiplayer game to play, Tank trouble 3 is the perfect option. The best thing is that the game is free and it doesn’t require to download it – you just simply go into your browser and play it online.

-How does the game work?
Firstly, you need to choose what mode to play. There is single player mode, in which you play against a bot named Laika. The bot is very strong which is the perfect opportunity of becoming better and better in the game. There is also a two and a three player mode where you can play against your friends. So, what happens when you click on some of these mods? The first thing that does it’s that it shows you the controllers of the game which are the arrow keys for moving and the letter M for shooting. If you play on the two or the three player mode, it shows you your friends controllers too, which are the ESDF keys for moving and Q for shooting for player 2, and the mouse for player 3. After everyone clicks the shooting buttons, which means that you are ready, the game generates a random labyrinth which is your fighting zone. Every player has a different color (red, blue and green) of the tank.

-What is the purpose of the game?
The purpose of the game is to destroy the enemy tank without destroying yours. You have the ability to launch balls which could kill your enemy. The interesting thing is that you can destroy your tank with your balls if you aren’t careful. The last one who survives, wins a point. There are no any particular points for winning the game, you could play one thousand times if you want, which means that you create the rules of winning the game. -Is it just shooting with balls or it has some additional weapons?Yes, it has some other weapons, which make the game more entertaining. There are 7 additional weapons which are spawning randomly in third version of the game and in Tank trouble unblocked.

Here they are:
– A rocket with a tracking device – you launch it and it starts following the closest tank. It can be avoided if you are skilled enough
-A laser – a very strong weapon, but be careful not to kill yourself while using it.
-Mines – The mines are placed somewhere on the map and if someone steps on them, they explode and kill everything which is close to them.
-A big ball – when you launch it, it explodes after a couple of seconds but also you could launch it by yourself. It also explodes and kills everything in its radius.
– A straight laser – This laser is different, it could go through the walls of the map but only in a straight line.
– A bunch of small and fast balls – When you step on that weapon you become like e machine gun – you launch a couple of smaller balls which are very fast and hard to avoid.
– A rocket with a remote controller – you launch a rocket and you control it.

The game is perfect for killing time and competing with your friends. But be careful not to get mad if your friend beats you!


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